SINCE 1978

Born in Ankara, İpek Torun graduated from Bilkent University Graphic Design Department with a scholarship of achievement. After she worked as a graphic designer in various design offices and agencies in Ankara for a while, she started the MA programme in Eskisehir Anadolu University and begun studying on animation. Simultaneously she worked as a research assistant in the Graphic Design Department until she finished her MA and started to teach on subjects like Web and Interactive Design, Visual Communication, Graphic Design, Digital Illustration, Portfolio Design. Within this period she also worked as a graphic designer in the Design Office of the Presidency of Anadolu University, and designed a great many print items. In 2007, she moved to İstanbul to work in Bahcesehir University as lecturer.

She currently teaches Typography, Interactive Multimedia and Kinetic Typography studies her MFA in AU Animation Department on Motion Graphics, and works as a freelance designer. The attended ATypI Typography Conferance as a speaker twice, In 2005 in Helsinki and in 2008, in StPetersburg. She is an Apple Certified Trainer for Final Cut Pro 5 and 6 from 2006, an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) from 2008 and onwards.

She now lives and works in Istanbul, a wonderland, owns a blue blooded sui generis cat, with collections of many many things, leaving no space for herself, believing that her adolescence hero was the combination of Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman, thinking that Joker was best played by Heath Ledger (Sorry, Jack!) while John Connor was a way too insignificant compared to Marcus Wright. And lastly would say, “may the force be with you”, but not “live long and prosper”.